Initial Applications

Leveraging an exponential technology, Nanotechnology, we are able to apply this to solving one of the worlds biggest problems.
Obtaining genetic data: cost effectively, time efficiently, as well as accurately.

Disease and Cancer Detection

We can detect certain diseases and cancer tumors, and can identify and eliminate them early.

Space Genes

We are able to detect certain variants that can code for other genes and proteins that allow for astrountants to perform better in space!

CRISPR Off Target Effects

after a gene is modified through CRISPR-Cas9, we can determine potential off-target effects of the gene.

Data For AI

Leveraging this data, we can run machine learning models on this data to predict various diseases.

Gene Therapy

we are able to accurately leverage next-generation therapies such as gene therapies to tackle human diseases.

Personalized Medications

We are able to leverage this data to personalize medications towards a patient's genome for optimal effectiveness.

Our Team

Samarth is 15 years old, despite his age he is a blockchain and machine learning developer. He has several years of experience with programming. Alongside his passions for programming, Samarth also dove deep into nanotechnology and realized its potential to intersect with genomics in order to optimize genetic sequencing.
Samarth Athreya
Ayaan is a 14 year old nanotechnology, genomics, and pharmacogenomics enthusiast. He conducted an experiment in which he personalized blood clot medications to specific genotypes, and realized that it was done very in-efficiently and had to be changed for everyone to be able to unlock the power of the genome.
Ayaan Esmail